Friday, September 7, 2012

The Unreasonable Threes

Spidey...Oh, Spidey. Isn't he adorable?
On Tuesday, we went to Petey's dance class and Spidey did not get a sucker. I forgot about it until we were in the car and driving away and the only thing that reminded me was the reaction that ensued. Seriously, just watch the video below.

And that wasn't even the worst part of his fit! His bottom lip was quivering, his eyes were swollen, and I kept an eye on him the whole drive home because I was worried he would throw up. It was crazy. And all of that for a tiny little sucker.
Oh the life of a 2 year old...
Let me change that...Oh the life of an almost 3 year old. 3 was much harder with Petey and I'm expecting it to be that way with Spidey. I don't believe in the 'terrible twos'. But boy howdy do I believe in the 'unreasonable threes'.
And even though I can't say they're going to be easy, they are most definitely going to be worth it. I'd take an unreasonable son over no son any day.

And just for a smile, I hope you enjoy this adorable video of my son.

And if you can't exactly tell what he's doing or where he's coming from, watch this little clip of Tarzan killing the Cheetah. My favorite part is the end when Spidey pretends to pick up the "lion" (in the movie, it's a Cheetah) exactly like Tarzan does.

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