Friday, May 17, 2013

Her 5th Year

 Well, she went ahead and did it. I told Petey to stop growing up so fast but she turned 5 anyway. Yesterday was my girly's birthday and we had quite the day!

She woke up early enough to open presents before Boss went to work.
Her sunflower plants were killed by my brother in laws puppy so we got her some new seeds to plant.
 Spidey got her Wreck It Ralph which she was SUPER happy about. She loves that movie.
 We got her new dance clothes.
 Hello Kitty pajamas.

 And a new scooter!
 We also got her 3 new dresses.
 Spidey was a good helper and took care of the wrapping paper.
 Daddy decided to put her scooter together before he went to work because she was so excited.
 She loves it!
 Then, the kids and I headed to Liberty Market for breakfast. Here they are washing their hands in the bathroom when we were done. I forgot to take a picture in the actual restaraunt.

We went to Toys'R'Us to get her birthday crown, balloon, and let her pick out a toy with her gift card and then we headed over to the mall for kids club so she could get her free ice cream from Dairy Queen.
 I had a doctor appointment around lunchtime so my friend, Lacey, watched the kids. When I came back to get them, they were just about to decorate cupcakes.

 Lacey was so sweet and stuck a candle in Petey's cupcake so we could sing happy birthday to her.
 She tried to blow it out but she couldn't get it so her bestie helped her out.  :)
 Spidey had fun licking all the frosting off his cupcake.
 "Look, mom, I have a beard just like daddy!"

Then we headed to Joe's Farm Grill for a late lunch/early dinner.
 As you can see, Spidey wouldn't take the straw out of his mouth for the picture. That kid is addicted to soda and doesn't get it often so when he does, he practically breathes it in.

I had a meeting for Petey's new school that night but when I got home, John and Darylle had left a present for Petey to open so we let her open it before bed.

 She was SO excited to see Vidia from the Tinkberbell movies. She loves those fairies!
And Belle! It was so sweet. She has been playing with the two of them all morning and telling me over and over how beautiful they are.

I have to brag for a minute because I have the sweetest daughter. Spidey had a hard time with all of the attention Petey was getting yesterday and Petey was such a good big sister. She shared pretty much everything from her day with him, she wanted to buy him some presents so he wouldn't feel left out {which I kindly explained that we wouldn't be doing}, she shared her treats with him, she let her best friend pick the color of the frosting for the cupcakes they made, etc. The hardest thing for Spidey was seeing Petey ride her brand new scooter, He wanted one so badly. She was so selfless and let him ride it as much as he wanted yesterday. What a good big sister. I love my Petey girl and I'm so glad she's mine.

I also interviewed my sweet girl this morning as part of her birthday. I hope you enjoy it!

How old are you?
What is your favorite movie?
Wreck It Ralph
What is your favorite color?
Who is your best friend?
Evalyn, Mallerie, and Jolie
What’s your favorite animal?
All the huge animals; tortoise and elephants.
What do you love most about Andersen?
I love when he helps me clean my room.
What do you like to do with mommy?
Play games.
What do you like to do with daddy?
Play games!
What is your favorite thing to do?
Play games and eat all day.
What is your favorite food?
Cheese pizza.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A gymnastic teacher.

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