Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweety Pie

 If it's even possible, this blog might be all 'Petey-ed' out after the birthday and dance posts but I never posted the cute pictures I took of my girl right before she turned 5.
I love this girl so much. She is a hard worker and my little helper.
 She stretches daily and wants to be super flexible.
 She has successfully learned a bridge between ages 4 and 5.
 I love when I capture real smiles like this one.
 I love how girly she is.
 I also love how much she loves The Avengers and Ben 10 on Netflix.
 I love when she scrunches her nose.
 I love when she remembers to point her toes.
 I love her sass because it shows that she is my daughter.
 I love her little girl voice.
 I love how much she looks like her daddy and her mommy combined.
 I love that she is caring and kind to her friends.
 {Again}, I love her scrunched up nose.
 I honestly cannot believe it's been 5 years since she made me a mother.
She is the most beautiful, talented, loving, and silly little girl that I have ever met.

Papa named her 'Petey Swy' because he switched up the letters in 'Sweety Pie'. She truly is a sweety pie and anyone who is lucky enough to meet her knows it.

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