Thursday, June 20, 2013

As Of Lately

 This is the first summer since Petey was 2 or 3 that we haven't signed up for multiple swim lesson sessions. Petey did a week and Spidey did 2 weeks and they ended the very beginning of June. I didn't think I'd like not going to swim lessons since it's so hot and I thought we wouldn't ever leave our house but it has turned out to be so much fun! We do stay home a lot more but we've also done fun things with friends.
Last week my friend, Emily, hosted a water party in her backyard for all of the neighborhood kids.
 They even got otter pops at the end. Heaven!
 On the days that I don't feel like going anywhere, the kids usually get some afternoon "quiet Kindle time" so I can get some cleaning done. It works. They love it. It's a win-win situation.
 Also last week, we went to a new splash pad in our area with some friends.

 Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes?
 Don't you love Spidey in this picture? Yes, he was eating the water. I'll share a video at the end.
It was kind of gross but mostly funny. Of course right after my video I made him stop but it was pretty darn funny.

I wish it were cooler outside but since it isn't, I'm glad we get to do fun things that the kids enjoy. They love water and Petey asks all winter when it' swimming time again. I'm glad the heat doesn't affect them like it affects me.

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