Monday, June 24, 2013

Science Center, Bridges, Thumb Sucking, and Pedicures

 We've been up to some pretty fun things lately. It's the only way to make an Arizona summer worth it.
My kids love the AZ science center and our membership expires the end of June so we got over there one last time.

 This was my spot most of the time, sitting somewhere, rocking the stroller with the fussy baby with my feet.
 George and Ellie were the best of friends.

 We've also spent a lot of our time stretching because Miss Petey is determined to be more flexible to show Mr Kevin at dance class.
 She's got that bridge down pat!
 This summer has also brought along a new phase; the phase where my 3 year old suddenly thinks he gets to become a thumb sucker. What? Yeah, you read that right.
 Summer is also a good time for a pedicure. Well, anytime is a good time for a pedicure and I had been having a hard day so Petey and I got to go on a mommy/daughter date.
Don't our toes look purdy? And I am seriously jealous of the way that girl tans!

What does summer look like at your home?

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