Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dentist and Swim Lessons

 We have been home from Disneyland for 3 days and I've been itching to blog about our trip but since there are things to be documented from before Disneyland, I'll have to wait.

The kids had their bi-annual dentist appointments last week. It was a hectic day since I babysit 2 extra kiddos (ages 10 months and 4 years). My kids ended up being 4 rooms away from each other and it was tricky deciding who to stay with during their apointment and who to check on periodically.
At first, I chose to stay with Spidey so I sent Petey down the hall by herself. I figured since this was his first real cleaning, I should make sure he didn't get scared.
 Boy, was I wrong! That boy couldn't stop talking and giggling and had the greatest time with his cleaning. Don't you just love the pillow they put under his legs because he was so small in the chair?
 One of the times I checked on Petey, she seemed more nervous and quiet than her brother so I ended up staying in with her the rest of the time.

Unfortunatly, Petey has 2 cavities. One was unpreventable but the other is from not flossing. Oops. :( I'm nervous to get those cavities filled but we'll see how it goes. Her appointment isn't until next week.

The same day of their dentist appointment, my kiddos started swim lessons.
 Mr. B, the 4 year old I babysit, did really well and has loved going to lessons. He is more nervous when we go to my parents' pool so I was worried he would cry but he has been so brave!
 Spidey is the baldy raising his hand in this picture. I've been pleasantly surprised with him. He hasn't cried or gotten too nervous during lessons. The only problem is that he has a hard time listening to directions. He keeps splashing when his instructors ask him not to and it's been hard for me to just sit back and let them try and be the authority and not jumping in and telling him to stop. Swim lessons haven't taught him as much swimming, which I expected, but they seem to be good for him to learn about other authority figures that he needs to listen to.

At home, Spidey is a fish. He swims at his grandparents pool with no floaties but can't quite get his breathing right so I still have to be right next to him. I expect him to be semi-swimming and fully floating on his back by the end of the summer. He gets braver every day and has started freaking out less when I let go of him while he's floating on his back in the water.
Now let's talk about this sweet little girl. Since she was fully swimming last year, I signed her up for swim team this year. I was confident that she would do fine but I was most assuredly WRONG! The reason there are no pictures from her first week is because I was either comforting her or hiding from her as she cried. She was so intimidated by all of the kids on swim team and she didn't feel comfortable swimming across the pool by herself, even though she can technically do it. Last Thursday was the latest day I could get my full refund and so I went ahead and pulled her out. It just wasn't good for either of us.

Now that she's not on swim team, we try to swim at grandma's as often as possible. In just a week, she has re-learned all of her swimming from last year and seems confident. Even though I do watch her in the pool, this is the first year I'm not worried about her drowning. She can breathe on her own while swimming and knows to float if she gets tired. Yesterday, I sat on the side and just watched her swim around the whole pool. She is a fish, that girl! I want to get some videos of her swimming but I haven't done so yet. Maybe soon. :)

This summer is starting out nicely. I feel like we have had so much fun already and I'm ecited for more swimming, going to the movie theater every week, swim lessons, and whatever else this last summer has to offer before my Lil Miss starts school.

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