Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie Tickets

My sister is pretty awesome and is always letting me know of a good deal when she sees one...or I guess it's usually when she reads about one. Last week, she let me know about a deal that would get us free tickets to see Monsters University for our whole family. Umm, yeah. Where do I sign?

Kelloggs had a promotion that for every 6 boxes of cereal you buy, you get a movie ticket for MU. This may not sound like a great deal but when Fry's has those certain cereals on sale for $1.79, it is a good deal.
24 boxes of cereal later, we're ready to plan a family trip to the movie theater.

And lucky for us, I don't have to buy cereal for about a year. Now get off the computer and get to your nearest Fry's to get yourself some dang cereal!

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