Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tiny Strut

This week has been busy! My parents left town and we've been babysitting my little sister. On top of that, Petey had her dance tryouts this week. Wednesday and Thursday, she had workshops where she practiced drills, stretching, and learned a short routine to be performed on Saturday for the judges.

So today was the day. She had been practicing her dance the past 2 days and she was so excited. I had bought her an adorable two piece lace dance outfit with the intimidated intentions to sew some fabric to cover her belly...I use the word intimidated because I was nervous about ruining the whole outfit.
I believe it turned out well and I love her new outfit! She was excited to wear it to tryouts.

Since it was an actual tryout, I couldn't watch her and I was curious as to how she did. She assured me that she remembered the dance and smiled throughout it. The only thing she was nervous about were her splits. Miss JaNae had told them they needed to get their splits before tryouts and even though Petey was close, she wasn't quite flat on the floor.

Well, the results are in and our little girl made the dance team! She made the Tiny Strut'N'Stuff team. Here is a little snippet to explain what her dance team does. She won't be competing at all this year, which I'm ok with since she's still pretty young.

"Strut N' Stuff is a precision dance team that utilizes a Utah based curriculum. Dancers will learn drill commands and formation that will be used through out the performance year. Strut N' Stuff (SNS) is a beginning through Intermediate performing team that will have the opportunity to perform in parades, stage-shows, and various sporting events across the state. SNS members are required to take a minimum of 4 classes per week. These classes include Jazz, Ballet, and Technique."

She's excited to be taking more classes and I'm happy that she is so happy. I wish I would've gotten a video of her reaction when I told her she had made the team. She kept screaming and jumping and screaming and laughing and screaming and hugging everyone and screaming. It was so adorable to see her light up like that. It's going to be a fun year and I'm excited for everything that's in store for our little girly.

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