Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Women: Part 1

I have challenged myself to ponder this week before mother's day, on the mothers that have affected my life throughout the years. Six amazing women have been picked and I will try and post one each day...though today I'm posting 2 since I missed yesterday. :)

The first amazing woman in my life was my Grandma Corbitt. I don't remember her because she passed away from cancer when I was a baby but I feel her. I hear stories of her from my own mother and know she was truly a great woman. She endured a lot in her lifetime but her challenges made her stronger. The only story I remember hearing about my grandma and myself was when I was a baby. She was holding me and she tripped outside but instead of dropping me to break her own fall, she held me tight and protected me and was injured because of it. She must've died shortly after that because I have always associated that fall with my grandmother's death. Once when I was 7 or 8, I fell outside and hurt my ankle. When my mom came to make sure I was ok, I asked her, "Am I going to die like grandma died after she fell?" My dad always tells me that I was born looking so much like my grandma, which I'm ok with because she was beautiful. My mom reminds me often that my grandma is my guardian angel and I know that because, like I said before, I feel her. Someday I'll get to know my grandma. Someday we will talk and I will physically be able to tell her how much she means to me. For now, she is in my heart and she will forever be there.

Happy mother's day, Grandma.

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