Friday, July 23, 2010


Today the Bubs and I are sick. And by the Bubs, I mean Spidey. He is so chubby and the name Bubs just really fits him!

Anyway, like I said, we are sick. Him with a blistered throat, high fever, and swollen gums (he already broke one tooth through! yay!). He. Is. Miserable.

Me? I was vomiting last night and feeling achy today but I have nothing to complain about when my little man is feeling so awful. Right now is the happiest he has been since yesterday. He is still complaining a bit but at least he let me put him down (let's see how far I can get into this post until that changes).

I love my little man so much. He is the happiest kid in the world...when he isnt sick. I cant believe this is the way Petey used to act on a regular basis. Apparently, I just blocked that all out and decided to remember her as an easy baby...which she was anything but!
Last week, I dolled up 2 shirts for my Petey girl. It took my maybe 30 minutes to finished them both and they turned out adorable! I am so happy to have a sewing machine and be able to utilize the fabric and ribbon that I have...since my rule right now is NO buying fabric and ribbon. A good rule to have if you own TONS and TONS of it already. :)
The first shirt I made her is for our family pictures tomorrow with my side of the family.
The second is a cute shirt I made her with the first letter of her name. We (meaning I) are SO into zebra print right now. haha.
I love having the ability to make things cute for my kids on a budget---A budget---I hate budgeting---I'm trying to live a more frugal life---A budget---Trying not to spend money on frivolous things like I have been for the past 3 years---A budget.

You see? That word haunts me in my sleep! I AM trying really hard. You see, if I feel up for it today (and maybe if my mom will watch my kids during nap time), I will be headed over to Fry's to spend approx $30 on a GROCERY budget for one week! It makes me proud! Fry's is having their awesome sales right now and I printed off coupons for lots of the things I'm buying to get them even cheaper! Like Tombstone frozen pizzas for $.50 a pizza! And a free bag of salad and box of Kleenex after coupons! I love this part of my new are fun! The budgeting thing...still slightly haunting me...but we'll make it work out.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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