Monday, July 26, 2010

The National Debt

Sometimes I wish life were more simple. I wish for a more hopeful government, a more hopeful job market, a more hopeful life for my children someday. I hope things change. I hope this change comes soon though I know the fixes to America will take so much time that I may not even see the effects in my lifetime. But I still hope.
The liberal view in this world scares me. I dont think you/they/whoever are bad people, I just don't understand you/they/whoever. :) I dont understand why anyone would want more government control. I dont understand why anyone would want more government spending when our debt is so great. Isnt it time we go back to basics? Do we even remember our Founding Fathers? Do we even remember the basic principles that America set it's foundation upon? Or have we just changed for good?
I dont hate our government. I dont hate democrats. We need to unite as a country and fix the situation we are in...the situation that democratics AND republicans put us in. It seems basic in my mind even though I know that these changes are far from a quick fix situation.
The way our world is today reminds me slightly of my life and the changes we've recently made as a family. I have changed so much about my spending habits and the way I view our budget. We no longer spend more than we have or even spend all of what we have. We are learning [slowly] to save and I am learning to be an awesome coupon clipper and sale snagger. :) If our government started living the changes my small family has made, we would have hope for getting out of debt, creating more jobs, and uniting as a whole country. If our president would change his high lifestyle and spend less (like he asks the rest of us to do), America would have an example of what we should be doing to help each other in our many different financial situations.
I believe things can change...I'm just not sure if they will. And most days, I'm just plain scared to find out.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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