Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Hair = Firecracker

Seriously, do children come looking any more perfect than this?Chubs is growing up WAY too fast and I'm not always there to see it. So when I see a picture like this, sometimes it stuns me at how much of a little man he is becoming. One thing is for sure, he is turning into one handsome little man.
It's funny when people see his red hair because I've heard many people say, "Oooh, he is a red head. He will be a firecracker." And I think, "Yeah right! My blondie is the firecracker. There is nothing firecracker about this kid." And then I start wondering if he'll change, if he'll be a hard child to raise because he has red hair...which sounds silly because it's a hair color...not a personality trait. But I do wonder. Will he always be this perfect? And I'm serious, he is perfect. Even when he is sick as a dog. Even when he needs some food in his belly. Even when he hasn't napped all day. His cries can ALWAYS be fixed by a snuggle session with mom. He. Is. A. Mommas. Boy.
I dont like the fact that my kids keep getting bigger. I wish they would stay little and let me enjoy them a bit longer...well, I take that back. Petey needs to get out of these terrible twos. She is the sweetest little thing---and also the snottiest. :) But she takes after her mother so I don't really have room to complain.

I'll just leave you staring at this beautiful family picture.

Thank you, Kelsea Elwood. (

And that's how Suze sees it.

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