Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adios, Wisdom Teeth: Part II

It's times like these that I realize just how blessed I am.
Getting my wisdom teeth out wouldn't really be that big of a deal if I wasn't a mom of two children and wife to a busy husband.
But through it all, I've learned how important family is.
Boss' Aunt and Uncle and their 3 girls have been the biggest help. I've spent the last 2 days post surgery at their house ALL DAY LONG. It wasnt planned this way but apparently, when I woke up from surgery, I was asking for them.
And on top of that, we've had one of their girls spend the night at our house each night to help me out with the kids in the morning. Yesterday, Kaitlyn took Petey to her summer movie, since I couldn't go. And today, Gracie got my kids up and ready for the day since Boss is out golfing for Father's Day.
The night before surgery, I dropped the kids off at my mom's who took them over night and watched them until 4pm the next day.
And of course, my own husband has been wonderful throughout this all. He has been here for me and getting me whatever I need.

Last night, I slept much better than the night before...ten hours to be exact!...but in the midst of that, I woke up in an enormous amount of pain from not having any medication in ten hours. I could hardly stand the pain and so I've been laying on the couch all morning, watching Gracie do everything for my children.
They are currently all laying down watching Elf together. :)

And yes, I understand that my medication is just kicking in and this post may sounds weird. My head is sort of spinning right now but I still felt like blogging. :) Sorry.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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