Monday, June 13, 2011

Where do I find Love?

In the midst of a hormonal breakdown today, my son came up to me, folded his arms, and said, "Hev Pader, Cank cue for day. Aaaa-men!" {Translation: Heavenly Father, Thank you for day. Amen.} He then proceeded to wrap me up in his arms for a great big squeeze and kissed my cheek. This is where I find love.
In a world where unhappiness seems more common than happiness, I have had to search within myself to find what true happiness is. The main conclusion that I have come to is that happiness is found where love is.
When I truly remember the reasons why I love my husband, I tend to get angry less when he makes a mistake. This goes for most situations and helps me remember the eternity of love I have been given, instead of focusing on the sometimes crappy 10 seconds I am currently living in.
So I search for love.
And I find it in that boy above. His entire demeanor is love {besides the hitting problem}. He can make any person feel good about themselves. He loves to run up to people and squeeze their legs or beg to be picked up and wrap his hands around their neck.
I find love in mommy daughter dates. This past Friday, Petey and I went to the movies together. Having that one on one time really helps me to realize who she is as an individual and who she is becoming.

I find love in others loving my children and taking time to teach my children new things. {even if it is video games}

I find generous amounts of love in a husband who just wants his wife to be happy with herself because he can see the special person she already is. Who loves playing with children and gets involved in the things they are doing. Who works hard and trades sleep for books and tests so that our family can have a better life.

I find love in family members who love my family unconditionally {not just my own mother}. Who love us despite the mistakes we make and the things that come spurting out of our mouths. Who support us no matter our decisions. Who make our children feel special and also who make my husband and I feel special.

In a world filled with so much unhappiness, where our bodies are emotionally attacked daily and we are often told we are not good enough, it is love that stays constant and is something we can all have.

And that's how Suze sees it.


Ken_and_Becky said...

I love your blog, Suzanne. You're so insightful, and just for the record, you're pretty awesome in my book :) PS - we need to hang out again sometime soon

Kelli said...

I LOVED this post! The story about your son praying and then giving you a squeeze just melted my heart....and the warm, fuzzy feeling just continued as I finished reading. I completely agree. Thanks!