Thursday, June 9, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment

New Mommy/Surrogate Mommy Edition:Have I told you how much I love this beautiful pregnant lady? This is her 2nd picture on the blog this week. She must be special to me, right? :)

I have decidd to focus today's Proud Mommy Moments on two mommy's I'm proud of, instead of talking about my children (Is that allowed, Emmy?).

Leyla has been on bedrest, off bedrest, in the hospital, out of the hospital, in for emergency dr's visits, etc this past month with her soon to be born daughter (Remember THIS post about Mia's adorable room?). She also has a handsome son who is weeks older than my oldest. Mia has decided that she would like to come into this world in her own special way, declaring that she's coming but then deciding today's not the day. I can already tell she will be such a special little girl.

And why am I proud of her momma?
Let's start the bragging about my friend...She is always positive and learning new ways to be a better mom. She is a very positive influence in my life. She is intelligent and she has great style. This must be why we get along. She is one of my closest friends and it's been years since I've really felt like I had someone I could call on a pin drop and they'd be there for me. She's now one of those people in my life.

And then there's the other special surrogate mother in my life this week. Boss' 14 yr old cousin, Ry, wanted to spend a week with us {she lives 15 min away} and help out with the kids. And she has done just that! I've found her reading to the kids,

helping them swim,

and keeping them entertained while I cook dinner.

Among that, she also swept, vacuumed, and mopped my floors AFTER picking up all the clutter in my family room. She watched the kids while I did dishes AND keeps asking me if she can help me fold laundry (Umm, yes! We'll get to that soon, Ry. haha). I am so grateful for these young girls that hope to someday be mothers. Ry is a mother in training and my kids get to be her guinea pigs. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.


Juli said...

You are lucky to have friends like that. They are few and far between.

Emmy said...

Yes, truly so lucky! And yes-it works :)

Good friends really can make everything so much easier