Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello, Dentist, I've missed you!

Today was a rotten day.
This morning, I woke up with a toothache. And not a "my wisdom teeth were just pulled" kind of an ache. I tried to put it off and ignore it throughout the day but by lunch time, I was in a lot of pain. So I called the dentist and they got me in three hours later.
I went in and filled out a load of paperwork...since you know, I havent been to the dentist since April 2007 {1 week before my wedding}. Shh!
They did x-rays.
And I got the news.
I had guessed I would need a filling or a root canal but I couldn't tell which kind of pain it was.
How about a filling AND a root canal? Yup, that is the case, my friends.

I tried to hold the tears in while they were giving me the price information but as soon as I got into my car, the floodgates arrived.
Wisdom teeth + root canal & crown + filling = Approx. $4000.
Can you say "stressed out mama"? Cause I sure can!
And yes, money is the biggest stresser but I am also angry that this had to happen when I've been healing from my wisdom teeth. Can I please just deal with one thing at a time?

I drove home with tear stains and mascara on my cheeks.
I walked in the door to find many things. Ill let you take a look for yourself.

Ry and Petey tracing every single letter of the alphabet and having fun doing it.

Pictures colored on the table. Can you guess which one is Petey's and which one is Ry's? ;)

One happy girl with fingers painted so beautifully.

And I was no longer sad. I just stopped stressing for a while. Even though the stress has returned tonight, a huge burden has been lifted off my chest. I know we will be ok. I know things happen for a reason and that we are tested when we need to be. Ry has been living with us again this week and I am not sure what I would've done without her. I understand that I would've dealt with my worries had she not been here but she was such a blessing when I needed some happiness.

I know God did that for me today. He tested me and then showed me where my true happiness is. Not with money or wordly things but with my family and my testimony.

Ry even helped brush Spidey's teeth tonight. It was the cutest thing.

And we all snuggled down for a movie (The Little Rascals) before bedtime. (Actually, she is currently blowing bubbles with them while I finish this blog post and then we are ALL going to bed...7am root canal is calling me).

And that's how Suze finds happiness in the midst of misery.


Jenna said...

Oh my gosh, I feel your pain. Here's my story (it's kind of long, brace yourself). So, a few weeks before we left Provo, I decided to see a dentist. It had been about 3 years for me, too. I didn't have any pain so I expected maybe a filling. The dentist says I need a root canal and 2 fillings. I nearly died! I am so scared of the dentist so that was bad news. Anyway, I was brave and got all the work done. Then we moved. Fast-forward about a month and both the teeth he filled were killing me. I mean, I could not even breathe because the cold air killed my teeth. So I went to a new dentist here in AZ and he says they both need root canals. I actually cried in the office when he told me this! He even got me a tissue (bless his heart). In the end it was about $3000 dollars I really did not have.

Fast-forward to a few months ago. I go to the dentist and for a cleaning (I never miss one now) and get X-rays. The dentist comes in and shows me my X-rays. Says the crown that was done in Utah was not put on correctly and he needed to replace it. I was shocked but not really! Sure enough, he got it off and the gum was so inflamed -- the crown was not flush to the gum and bacteria had been trapped under for about 2 years. I was so upset! Thankfully, though, he only charged me for a regular metal crown and I had a $100 off coupon, so it only ended up being $250. BUT STILL. I was so angry at that Utah dentist. He definitely got the best of me.

So sorry you're dealing with this too! Never miss a cleaning if you can help it!

Carrie said...

Ahhh! I am so sorry. That is one tough week. Can't wait til life gets easier, right? (: Will it ever get easier? Just text if you ever need anything...I am just around the corner. (: