Thursday, June 2, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment

I love linking up to Emmy with my Proud Mommy Moment {on the weeks that I remember to}.
This week is focused on a special little girl in our family {Oops, wasnt my PMM about her last week too? I promise, Ill throw in some with our Spidester soon too!}.
Petey started swim lessons this week. This is our first time doing them and so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.
Petey in her first five minutes of her very first swim lesson. She is the 2nd kid in on the right.

She didnt cry for the first part of the lesson and seemed to be doing fine...until they started doing this in the above picture. She wanted NOTHING to do with laying back into the water and trying to float. Can you see how she's fighting him to be in an upright position? At one point, she actually grabbed his lanyard and ripped it off his neck. I thought she'd broken it until I saw him clasp it back on after she was done.

Her 2nd day, I was hoping it wouldn't get any worse. She said she wanted to go back so I thought we were over her initial fear but as soon as she saw the pool and the teachers, she freaked out and started crying...and didnt stop for the entire 35 minute session.

At the end of that session, I was given advice to stay positive and not talk about the fact that she had cried. So the entire way home, I praised her for the things I had seen her do (jumping into the water, doing "monkey crawls" along the side of the pool, etc).
And then today happened...

Petey and her friend, excited and ready for their lessons.

Still happy as can be, waiting to get in the pool.

STILL happy while IN the pool. :) Petey cried for maybe 2 minutes today, when they started the lessons. In the middle of her crying, she looked over at me and I smiled and clapped for her. She perked up and put a smile on her face and stopped crying after that. She was jumping in the water, kicking her legs and blowing bubbles with her class. She didnt go under the water when they played "Ring Around the Rosie" but that's ok. It's only her 3rd day, you know. :)

I am one very proud mommy of my very brave girl.

And that's how Suze sees it.


Jenna said...

Ah, that's so great! Audrey did much better today, too (her 3rd day as well). It's getting better!

Emmy said...

Yea!!! My oldest took swim lessons for the first time last year when he was five and he cried several of the days- so she is awesome! And sounds like you handled it perfectly!
Thanks so much for playing along.

Kmama said...

That is definitely a PMM!! Swim class can be scary for the little ones. I hope she continues to warm up to the class!

Thanks for linking up!