Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Broken Toilet...

Oh how you tried to ruin my day. You flooded 2 1/2 rooms in my house by silently spilling water over your edge throughout the night.
But no, you did not succeed. We mopped your mess up and are currently still airing out the carpet in the kids room. And this cute little girl still decided to have a great day. Starting with another round of swimming lessons. I was SO proud to see her doing the very thing that spooked her on the first day of swim lessons a couple weeks ago---floating on her back. She hardly needed any help from the instructor. Go Petey!

Seeing this picture made today happy too. I love these two. I love that they love each other. And I love how cute they are!

And being able to take this cute boy to swim lessons with us made today even better.

Broken Toilet, you tried to give us a bad day. But we won.

Until next time...


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