Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Story I Swore To Never Tell

I prayed for the day this story would seem funny in my mind.
I feared ever writing it down because to me, it was the worst mistake a parent could've made!
But it happened, I can assure you it was an accident, and I think it's finally become funny enough to post.
Do you remember when I blogged about Ryan and Kaitlin's wedding? The wedding my husband was a groomsman for? The blog post where at the end, I hinted that I had done something horrible and that I would never reveal it?

Here I am revealing it.

My plan was to stay as long as the kids would behave but after Spidey started saying he was tired and wanted to go to bed, I knew we needed to head home. After getting the kids in the car, I realized I had left my camera in the bathroom so we went back inside to find it. With no luck of finding it in the place I knew it had been left, I decided to go sit back down at our seats and wait for all of the toasts to finish before asking if anyone had seen it.
I was the only adult sitting at my table. The rest were 4 young girls and I could tell that their wine glasses were filled with water for the toasts. At the time, Spidey starting complaining that he needed a drink. I saw that his glass was empty but that mine wasn't, so I let him drink it.
And drink it, he did. Almost down to the last sip.
Then Petey complained of thirst so I figured she would finish it off. She took a tiny sip and said, "Mom, this water tastes yucky." and I started to panic.
Could it really be wine? I wasn't even here when they poured it! How could this be?
In my panic, I took the last sip of the drink and much to my dismay, it was alcohol.
Panic. Embarrassment. Anger. Worry. More panic. More worry. Tons of worry.
If you were wondering, as soon as the toasts were over, the dj announced someone had found a camera and lucky for me, my camera was back in my arms...along with a tipsy little 2 year old who I needed to get home.
Oh that boy was tipsy. As you already read above, my boy had been exhausted not 30 minutes earlier and when we got in the car the second time, I had to listen to my son yelling, "Mommy!" over and again and laughing hysterically for a "fun" 30 minute drive home.
I cried a lot that night and felt like the worst mom in the world. Boss thought it was just a funny story and kept telling me I wasn't to blame and that it was an honest mistake but I really did feel horrible. But it has now been about 6 weeks and now I can laugh about it. I realize I didn't do anything wrong and that any mother could have made the same mistake.

The main reason I remembered this story was because of the video I took of our tipsy daughter today. Poor girl has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and has some big blisters in her mouth. Since it just needs to run it's course and Petey hasn't really been eating the past couple of days, we gave her some Hydrocodone to help with the pain. And help, it did. She was all smiles and jumping around like a crazy person...but I'll let you witness all of that for yourself. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Kelly said...

First of all, that story is funny, not terrible but I totally get why you needed some time to see it that way :)

Second, how H is in that movie? - Mer, all the time. :)

Third, your laugh reminds me of Karin :)