Monday, April 30, 2012

Ryan and Kaitlin's Wedding

Boss' good friends, Ryan and Kaitlin, got married on Saturday and luck for us, we got to attend!
(By us, I mean the kids and I...Boss was a groomsmen so he was attending either way.)
 The kids did so well waiting patiently for everything to start.
 I brought books and a few toys because I knew we would need them...and we did. :)
 Here is my cute husband walking a bridesmaid down the aisle. He did such a good job and he looked so darn handsome in his tuxedo!
 Kaitlin's dress was definitely a princess dress and she looked gorgeous. The entire ceremony was beautiful, especially when they read their vows. I wish that was something Boss and I could've done at our wedding or maybe our reception. I love the things they said to each other.
 Then, it was on to the reception. I love love love my Spidey!!! He makes the cutest, funniest faces! I'm also glad they found this high chair for us because it saved our lives! He was strapped in. :)
 Besides telling me she was hungry over 100 times, Petey did good at the reception too.
 I let her go out and dance while we were waiting for the wedding party to arrive.
 The wedding party arrived in awesome style! I'm pretty sure it was the "Let's get ready to rumble!" song that you hear at sports games when they announce a team coming out. They announced each individual and they came through the doors dancing. I was SO proud of my reserved husband, who came out dancing and acting goofy, just like the rest of them. :) Then, they all put their hands up high and made a tower so the bride and groom could run through them. Awesome really is the best word to describe this. I was laughing really hard.
 After eating, I let the kids go out and show off their moves on the dance floor. They had a blast dancing together.
 Boss even came over and joined them for a bit. My silly boy wasn't even angry, he just refused to smile because he wanted to be put down to dance some more!
 Spidey kept sneaking over to the wedding party table to hang out with his dad...or maybe it was to jump off of those stairs.
 I love Petey's dance position here. She is so funny and was dancing all night!
Spidey found a kid blowing bubbles and decided that would be his new best friend. The kid would blow bubbles and Spidey would try to pop them all.

It was a super fun amazing crazy night. The end of my night was definitely my least favorite for a couple of reasons, one of them being that we had to leave, but the main reasons being that I made the worst mom mistake in the entire world and have been feeling horrible ever since. But I needed to get the kids in bed. I'm sad I missed all the crazy dancing and fun they all had but mom duties came first so Boss could enjoy his evening with friends.

We had a great time and were so happy for Kaitlin and Ryan! It was the perfect day and everything ran so smoothly!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Janey said...

Wait, what's the worst mom mistake in the entire world?? Have I made it?? So curious!