Sunday, March 17, 2013

Roots 'N Boots Rodeo

 Saturday, March 9th, was a special day in our family. The little baby boy that first made me an aunt turned 8 years old and chose to be baptized! I am so proud of him and was so happy we were able to be a part of his special day.
I wish I had gotten a picture of him but we left right after the baptism to head to Petey's dance performance.
It had rained most of Friday and we were worried what the weather would be like because Petey was dancing outside at a rodeo.
When we got there, it was raining and the ground was muddy. Petey was freezing in her costume and I felt bad for her.
 My sister had literally moved her and her kids to AZ from CA the night before and we were all heading back to CA for a family vacation so we had her kiddos with us. We kept Spidey and K Bear busy with the Kindle while we waited for Petey's performance.
 Since it was cold, Spidey decided to put his blanket over his head. :)
 Eventually, I had to take the blanket off of Petey so she could line up with her class.
 It stopped raining FIVE minutes before they went on stage. What a relief! Petey was freezing but excited to be on the stage. I am so glad they didn't get rained on.

Here is the video of my princess dancing. They have only been learning this dance a little over a month and they're big concert is in May but I thought they did exceptional!

As soon as she was done dancing, we hopped back in the car and headed over to California for a fun week of family time!
All of the kids were excited to be together and our drive over was pretty uneventful, which is how we prefer it to be. :)

We had a TON of fun in Carlsbad but I'll split that up into a couple of posts since I took a million pictures.

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