Monday, March 18, 2013

Carlsbad: Part 2 {Legoland}

 One of the main highlights from our trip was our day at Legoland. Petey was so excited and remembered rides from the previous year that she wanted to go on again.
She was being a stinker and wouldn't look at the camera so this was our family photo in front of the Legoland entrance.

We started off with the big boys splitting off to brave the biggest and creepiest rollercoaster at Legoland {which in comparison to most theme parks isn't very scary}.
 They loved it. As a sidenote, my sisters and I braved it a little later on in the morning and I'll never be doing that ride again. I was yelling and scared out of my mind...but I hate rollercoasters in general so...

While the boys were in line for that rollercoaster, we took the kids on some of their favorite rides from the previous year. There is one that goes up and down that Petey loves and luckily, Spidey was tall enough for this year!

Then it was time to go to the ride my kids had talked about for weeks...the "pew pew ride".
 It's an Indiana Jones themed ride and you shoot little targets throughout the ride.
 Can you tell K Bear's smile was forced? He wasn't a fan of the ride.
 Since there was practically no one at Legoland that day {which seemed weird for spring break}, we got to ride it twice in a row. Spidey was super happy. He wasn't tall enough for this ride either last year and was elated that he got to join the 'big kids' and shoot things. What more could a 3 year old boy want?
 This is what the family looked like while we went on the big slide ride. I took Spidey on it so I have no pictures of that but I did get pictures of Petey going down.
 She loved this ride and did it a couple of times.
 Another favorite ride was this horse ride. We lied a little about Petey's age last year since she was 2 months from being 4 years old. The ride requirements are 4 years old and 36 inches tall. Well, this year, the 3 year old boys were both past 36 inches tall so it's possible that we lied about their age this time. SHHH!!!

 As you can see, both of my kids loved it and this was a ride we repeated a couple of times as well.
 I got some pictures of Andrea and K Bear being silly while we were in line for the big boat ride that rocks back and forth and spins in circles.
 Petey's turn to be silly with Auntie Andrea.
 Funny thing, Spidey wasn't trying to be silly for this picture. He is just going through a funky smile phase right now.
 Here are some of the family ready for the boat ride to start. That ride is definitely a one time experience for me. I got dizzy with all of the spinning and rocking.
 Next, we got to drive these little boats through a path. It was actually kind of tricky since you're really steering and pushing on the gas. Luckily, I didn't run into any walls. :)
 This is the best picture I got of Petey during the boat ride. She said the sun was too bright that day for a picture. :)

 This is Petey's scared face, apparently. I told her to act scared because she was in the mouth of a shark.
 Waiting in line for the airplane ride...

 Here we go!

 I have to brag and say that compared to most of the kids driving these bumper cars, my kids were doing really well steering and not running into each other.

 Spidey was loving this ride that goes over the water. You can pedal but it actually doesn't affect how fast or slow your car moves.
 Hi, Will and Chris!
 Hi, Grandpa and Candace!
 Hi, Daddy and Petey!
 Hi, Jp, Andrea and K Bear!
 Uncle Chris was nice enough to take Will on this ride where you pull yourself up high and then let yourself drop back down.
 They made it to the top a couple of times.
 Next was Petey and Boss' turn.
 They made it to the top as well and Petey would giggle every time it dropped back down.
 The story time boat ride was fun. They told different stories throughout the ride from The 3 Little Pigs to Little Red Riding Hood.
 This was the first ride Ellie went on since she slept most of the morning and wasn't tall enough for most of the rides anyway.
 This was also Bug's first ride ever! Looks like he had a fun time on his boat ride with his mom and dad.
 Poor Grandma had planned to ride with Bug and his parents but found out only 2 adults were allowed per boat so she ended up on a boat by herself for that ride.
Spidey loved this car ride and would turn his wheel the correct direction every time we would turn. He is going to be a good driver someday. :)

Some of my favorite things about Legoland that weren't pictured:
- Both of my kids got to experience their first real rollercoaster. Petey was tall enough for almost every ride, including this dragon rollercoaster that was a bit scary for ME! I was worried about letting her on it, with thoughts running through my head of her falling out because she's so little, but Boss held her tight and she LOVED it!
-Spidey actually got to go on this dinosaur rollercoaster that wasn't as big as the dragon one but was still a pretty legit rollercoaster. As you could've guessed, he loved it as well. We rode that dino rollercoaster probably 10 times with the kids. I guess they take after their dad and have more of a thrill side to them. That is definitely NOT from my side of the family.
- My parents bought some tickets for the aquarium so people could choose whether they wanted to take a couple of hours there or stay in Legoland. We chose to stay but my dad took Petey to the aquarium. It was so much fun having Spidey with Boss and I. We were able to do whatever he wanted and spend time focused on him. Since he's our second child, he doesn't get that one on one time often and I loved being able to do that with him.

Legoland was a blast. It was 100 times for fun than last year. Last year, Spidey was literally tall enough for the baby rides and he would cry when he wasn't tall enough for a ride. It was miserable, Even Petey last year was barely tall enough for the little kid rides. This was definitely the perfect year for them to start enjoying it. I am so thankful my parents are willing to spend the money and effort to give my kids these special memories. Carlsbad is becoming such a fun tradition and I hope my kids grow up remembering these special things they've gotten to do. They sure are lucky kiddos.

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