Saturday, March 23, 2013

Carlsbad: Part 4

 Yay for the final part of our Carlsbad trip! We had a week long trip and it's taken me a week to post about it. Not bad.

On Friday, we drove down to San Diego to visit Old Town. My mom grew up in San Diego so we try to go every time we visit Carlsbad.
We stopped at a little Mexican restaraunt in Old Town. Here is a picture of the group minus Karin and her family. They were sitting on the other side of me.
 Aren't I so lucky that I get to have these people with me for eternity?
 There was a guy singing and my kiddos just couldn't help but dance to his music.

 Petey was the best at getting Bug to smile. She could make that kiddo laugh in no time.

After lunch, we walked up and down the streets of Old Town. My mom took half of the group to this house that was believed to be haunted and the rest of us walked up to the Mormon Battalion site.
 Only my sister, Andrea, and my brother, Will, wanted to do the tour this year so the rest of us just hung out at the front of the site. Spidey and K Bear loved that there were rocking chairs just their size.

 Baby Bug slept the whole time. His parents were at the haunted house so I got to take care of him for 30 minutes. :)

The next 3 pictures are SO my husband. Just take a look.

 After the Mormon Battalion, we were done and we headed home to get ready for a date night while my mom watched all of the kids.

We ate dinner at Chart House which was about 20 minutes from our condo. It was right on the beach and though the prices were high, the food made it worth it. We were sitting right by a huge window facing the beach and the sun was setting. I kept thinking it couldn't get any more perfect but then dolphins started popping up out of the water every couple of minutes. It was absolutely magical. I'm not being sarcastic. I could not have imagined a better last night to our trip.
 Saturday morning, it was time to head home. Andrea and I were in one car with all of the kids and we let Boss ride home with Andrea's husband, Jp. Lucky dads.
 We stopped at a gas station because my kids had earned some money from Boss on our way to Carlsbad. They each started with $2 earned, Petey ended up with $2 at the end of the week, Spidey ended up with $1 at the end of the week. Petey chose Cracker Jacks which quite certainly are the perfect treat for her. She loves popcorn, she loves nuts, and she loves sugar.
 Spidey chose a bag of chips and was nice enough to share them with K Bear.

The trip took a bit longer with cranky kids and needing a couple more stops for food and bathrooms. Spidey was in a pull up and had a blow out. It was quite surprising since it's been over 6 months since I've had him have a #2 accident but it was ok. It is all over with now. :)
 When we got home, we were trying to clean out my mom's truck so I put Ellie in the baby swing. I was thinking she would fight it since she's not a newborn but she loved it and stayed there for a long while.
Auntie Andrea was nice enough to drive the kids around in the wheelchair for a while. They had tons of fun.

Though our trip was long and sometimes exhausting, I am so glad to have spent that time making memories with my family. I am so grateful to everyone who helped out with my kids throughout the week and made this trip one to remember.

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