Friday, March 22, 2013

Carlsbad: Part 3

 I was thinking I'd be able to split up our Carlsbad posts into just 3 parts but my pictures are telling me otherwise. So now you have a Part 4 to look forward to. Yay, you.

Anyway, the day after Legoland, we decided to go to this fun park down the street from the condos.
Even though this picture is a awkward one of my son, it just shows how happy he was to be with cousins. Also, K Bear is 6 weeks younger than him. My kid is small...
 Petey showed us all how she can swing herself in the baby swings. She just stands up in it and rocks back and forth. Also, I am loving the smile in Ellie's face!

 Documentation that George and his family were in Carlsbad with us. This is the only picture I have of anyone in the Taylor family from that day. Sorry, guys.
 Oops, I was mistaken. Mini G is in a picture next to Bug here so that would be another picture of a Taylor. :) I'm thinking the size difference here is going to be kind of like K Bear and Spidey. Bug is actually a week older than Mini G but he's tons smaller.
 As you can see, Petey loves her baby girl cousins. She followed Ellie around most of the park day.

 My parents are pretty darn cool. They were over playing football in the grass while the kids played at the park. Funny enough, there is another Taylor kiddo in this picture so I guess I got more pictures of them than I thought.

Some of my favorite things about the park were actually playing with my kids and not sitting and watching them. I hope to always remember the fun we had that day, playing tag and going down the slides together. Usually when we go to a park, I sit in the grass and my kids play with each other. I was glad that I actually played with them.

Now onto Thursday...another beach day!
It was foggy and chilly that day so Petey wore her coat to the beach. Seriously.
 Spidey braved it and just wore his swimsuit {It really wasn't that cold...}
 Our first beach picture of the day. Is anyone else loving Petey's new swimsuit as much as I do? I think it's adorable.
 It's ridiculously unfair how easily she can tan...

After a while of playing in the sand and enjoying the beautiful day, I asked Petey if she wanted to do some tricks while I took pictures. Since she obliged, there are a lot of pictures of her from that beach day.

 Gearing up for handstands is serious business.
 Ellie loved the sand and ventured out a bit more that day. She is such a cutie.
 Spidey playing in the sand. We didn't want to let the kids get too wet because of how cold it was outside. I knew they'd be miserable if we let them get soaked again.

 My favorite picture of Petey that day. I was proud of her pointed toes. I know I'm hoping she'll grow up loving dancing like I did but if she doesn't, I'll be ok with whatever she chooses to do.
 Straddle jumps. No pointed toes but a pretty darn good straddle. That is one of her favorite things to do at home.
 Can you see why I take so many pictures of her? She poses herself for my camera whenever I pull it out.
 Boss did let the kids get their feet wet right before we left the beach. Nice daddy.

My absolute favorite picture of the day. Silly little Spidey would pull his feet up every time a wave would come so he wouldn't get wet. He is such a funny little kid. Lucky for him, his dad and uncle held his hand tight so he could just pull his feet up whenever he wanted.

Stay tuned for Part 4! Ironically, I wish I was done posting these Carlsbad pictures because I have other posts churning around in my busy mind.

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