Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day to Day

 The day to day stuff is good. My life is busy and happy most of the time. I love the day to day stuff. I love being with my kids all day long. I love the extra kids that are in and out of our home.
I love the carefree time when I choose to get on the floor and play with my kids.
 Unfortunately, that doesn't happen often enough but when it does, we are usually all laughing really hard.
 I love dropping everything we are doing when we hear that friends are at the park.
 I love watching my kids play games without a single worry in the world {something I wish I had}.
I love that even though we don't have a baby of our own, almost every day we get to experience what it'd be like to have that baby #3 with us. Boo is a baby I watch every week but he sure seems to fit right in with my kids with those big blue eyes. Petey would hold him all day if I'd let her. On this particular day, he stayed in her arms for an hour and a half while they all watched a movie together.

I love my day to day. I love my family. I love the opportunities I've been given in my life.

Most importantly, I'm just thankful that I have good days. They make my bad days worth it. Being a mom has proven to be a hard job for me and I often feel like I'm failing but I was told a couple of weeks ago that the good thing about motherhood is that when you mess up, you get another try the next day...and the next day after that. Even when I'm not doing a great job, I can always change and try harder the next day. I can always improve and try to be the best mother for my kids. That is what life is all about in my opinion. My children are my greatest responsibility right now and I feel so lucky to be trusted to raise them.

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