Sunday, April 14, 2013

Party Til Your Pink

 Petey went to the cutest birthday party on Saturday for one of her best friends from dance class. It was at Pout in Pink, which is a cute little boutique about 10 minutes from our house. They hold birthday parties there and make these girls feel like little princesses.
Here she is waiting in line for hair, make up, and nails. :)
 She picked purple nail polish and they put glitter on top. So cute.
 They also did her hair and make up but unfortunatly the hair was falling out right away so I had to fix it. Can you see the glitter on her shoulders? They dumped glitter in their hair and let's just say our whole family/house is sparkling these days...
 Then she got to make her own place mat.
 Next was dress up time.
 After dress ups, they each took a turn walking down the runway for all the moms.
 Posing for a picture with the photographer.
 The girls on either side of Petey go to dance with her and they're the two kids she talks about the most. It's adorable.
 They each got to take some photos so they would feel like models.
 Here are most of the girls from the party.
 Bell blowing out the candles on her cupcake.
 They got to decorate their cupcake and of course, Petey had to pick pink sprinkles with pink jelly beans. :)
 She took a bite out of her cupcake and I was laughing because it looked like hot pink lipstick.
 After presents, they got to play freeze dance which is one of Petey's favorite games. She even won a round and was so excited to be the last one dancing.
It was such a cute little birthday party and I'm glad that she was invited. It's exciting to see your little girl making so many friends before she even starts kindergarten.

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