Monday, April 15, 2013

The 6th Year

 Yesterday marked SIX years since I made the decision to get married.

I remember being young and in love, both of us working full time and thinking we were super poor, and living in a tiny apartment in North Mesa.

I remember celebrating our one month anniversary and wondering how it could've already been a whole month!

I remember our one year anniversary, when I was on bed rest with Petey but we snuck out to eat anyway.

I also remember the hard times, like when I miscarried our first pregnancy and Boss stayed home from work for 2 days to make sure I was ok. He carried a mattress downstairs and put it right in front of the tv so I could watch movies while in and out of sleep. I was in a funk for weeks and he stuck by my side.

The 6th year of our marriage tested us more than any other year so far. I think back to 7 months ago when most days were met with arguments from two very stubborn people. I remember thinking I was ready to throw in the towel. I remember being scared, so very scared and sad. I also remember the day we took a step in the right direction that will forever change our lives.

 One of the best days I can remember from this year was one where Boss had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. It was that day that I realized marriage is supposed to be this happy. Boss and I had gotten used to being annoyed with each other. It was on that day that I realized I had fallen in love all over again. I could remember all of the reasons why I married him in the first place plus a million new reasons.

Though I originally looked at this year as the hardest year we've faced, it has also been the best. I couldn't be happier with the man I chose to be my forever best friend. He truly is one of a kind and I love him more than I did the day I married him.

Some of my favorite things from our 6th year of marriage:

Watching Boss be a groomsmen in his best friend's wedding. He looked so handsome and did a great job.

Redecorating/rearranging most of our house.
 Celebrating 27 years of his life together as a family.

Boss taking time with the kids by himself on weekends so I have some 'me' time.
 Attending ASU basketball games together.

Boss deciding on a new career path.

Me deciding on a new career path.
Getting new family pictures.

Starting regular date nights together.

Buying a new van.
Our trip to Carlsbad.

Boss calming me down on the phone after Petey cut her hair.

Taking a spur of the moment trip to Utah to visit some of Boss' old friends.

The very first time that Spidey 'poop painted' and I called Boss crying because I was so grossed out he left work early and cleaned it up for me.

Boss is the guy I chose to marry and looking back on the past 6 years, I don't regret my decision. He has made me happier than I ever knew possible and I know he loves me.

Here's to another trillion years!

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Emmy said...

Beautiful post! There definitely are hard times and things that will test us in ways we never thought possible; but if we wake up and realize this is not what we want and that it can be good if we work at it, we can make it through those hard times and it is so worth it.