Monday, April 1, 2013

John and Darylle

 So let's be honest, this entire post should be about John and Darylle. I'll try and make as much of it about them as I can but I took a ton of pictures of my littles because they looked so adorable. :)

Have I ever told you that Boss is one of six brothers? Well, John is one of those lucky brothers and last year, he proposed to a beautiful girl named Darylle. Everyone was excited to have another wedding in the family and the planning begun. Darylle is super amazing and she made her center pieces and bouquet herself. When she sent me a picture, I could not believe how beautiful they were. Sadly, I can't find that picture so you'll just have to imagine the most beautiful center pieces with black, white, and purple flowers. Ah-mazing. The entire wedding was gorgeous so let's get on to the pictures, shall we?
These cousins got to reunite. Sadly, it was only for a couple of hours before the wedding but they had fun seeing each other. Those two girls are Boss' only sister's girls.
 The ring bearer was such a stud.
 And a cheese ball.
 Look at Spidey's face. Can you tell he was happy to be one of the big boys?
 Here are the beautiful flower girls with their baskets.
 4 of the grandkids on Boss' side of the family. They're all being silly.
 The girls quietly watching Darylle get her hair done for the wedding.
 Miss B trying to put her adorable purple Converse back on. {The shoes were one of my favorite things about the wedding}
 From these next couple of pictures, you can see how much these little nieces and nephew love their Uncle John.

 {One of my favorite pictures above}
 Princess Leezer
 Shy Miss B
 Pretty Petey
 Ninja Spidey
 I love my son's smiles...
 This ring bearer stuff is serious business...
 ...ok, maybe it's not ALL serious.
 Two of the flower girls did a great job walking down the aisle. Shy Miss B didn't end up wanting to walk down so she stayed with her dad.
 Serious, he's a stud.
 My other favorite picture from the wedding. Darylle's dad was a ball of tears and it was so beautiful watching him give her away to John.
Spidey did a great job taking the rings up to John after they had said "I do". Everyone was talking about how cute he was. I just loved that he was dressed as a mini version of John. I think he looks a lot like John anyway and it was cute to have him be dressed just like his uncle.

It was a beautiful day and I am so very happy to have another sister.

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