Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sister Crockett

I know I've mentioned Boss' aunt and uncle before on my blog but just to refresh your memory, we love them a whole lot. They have 3 amazing teenage girls who love our children and we visit them often. {They only live 15 minutes away}

Their oldest daughter, Kaitlyn, made a huge life decision a couple of months ago when she decided to serve a full time mission for the LDS church. Everyone was so excited to hear where she would be going and when the call finally came, we rushed over to be there when she opened the call.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Watching her open her call was emotional for everyone there. I met Kaitlyn when she was a little 12 year old girl and now she is a 19 year old woman.

Well, today Kaitlyn left. She got on a plane and headed to Utah to the Missionary Training Center where she will stay for 2 weeks before heading to Pennsylvania. We went over yesterday to visit her one last time since she will be gone for 18 whole months. At the end of the visit, I wanted pictures of her and my kids so we can compare these pictures in another 18 months. Of course, they wanted to get some with their favorite Aunt Gigi as well.

It has been fun to watch Kaitlyn grow up. She has been so helpful to me since I've become a mother.
I know she loves my children and they both adore her.
She is kind, compassionate, and beyond mature for a 19 year old. She has a strong testimony and I've loved hearing her share that testimony on different occasions these last couple of weeks.
I know she will be an amazing missionary. I have no doubt that she will change peoples lives and that hers will forever be changed because of this experience she is choosing to take on. I can't imagine leaving my family for a year and a half but I am sure the sacrifice is worth the blessings.

We love you, Sister Crockett. See you in 18 months.

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