Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

 Since the day after Boss' brother got married was Easter, we mixed in a couple of Easter activities that weekend. My first set of pictures is from Easter day and then we'll skip back to the Friday before since I don't feel like reformatting all of the pictures. :)
We let the kids hav a slumber party in Spidey's room and when I went in there to wake them up, my boy was all smiles and Petey was still asleep.
 After some coaxing, they were both up and ready to find their Easter goodies. Spidey took one look at his new helmet and said, "This is amazing!"
 After looking at their goodies, it was time to get all ready for church. My mom got the kids Easter outfits this year and I think they both looked absolutely adorable.

 I got Petey that white hat to go with her dress. I just couldn't resist. She looked adorable. {And no, she didn't wear those flip flops to church}
 This picture is my favorite. My kids have this special bond that I adore. It makes me so happy to see them loving each other.
 After Easter dinner at Boss' grandparents, we headed over to my parents' house to get a picture of all the granddaughters in their matching dresses. How cute are they?!
 Ellie gave me lots of smiles that night. My sister's kids don't smile easily as babies so I love getting smiles out of them.

Ok, now onto Friday and the Easter egg hunt at my parents house.
 We sent Ellie out first so she could grab some eggs before the older kids went outside.
 Then it was time to let them all loose. The 3 oldest started running further out into the yard...
 ...Spidey played it safe and just grabbed the ones near him. He actually ended up with more eggs than anyone and started giving away eggs to the other kids by the end because his basket was full.

 This is one of Spidey's bestest friends, Hurley. Hurley is seriously the best dog I've ever met. She lets my kids play with her whenever they want. Spidey loves giving her hugs and chasing her around the yard. I'm not kidding when I say I wish she were our dog. Even Petey plays with her and Petey isn't the biggest animal fan.

After the Easter egg hunt, we went to the Easter pagaent with some of our family. We didn't get there early enough this year to be where I wanted in the grass but our seats were still pretty close.
We stopped at Cafe Rio, which made the kids happy.
Boss' brother, Fatty, {seriously} and his wife, Katie, and my sister, Andrea, and her husband, Jp, joined us. I asked Boss to get Spidey in a pull up and his pajamas and Fatty helped him by wrapping Spidey up in the blanket while Boss got him dressed. It was pretty funny.
The Easter pagaent was beautiful, as always. My kids enjoyed most of it but I'll admit that we let them play games on my Kindle when they were getting tired.
I am so grateful for Easter and the opportunity that I have to remember what my Savior did for me. It was a wonderful weekend and I feel so blessed to be a part of such wonderful families.

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