Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Camping with my Boy

 A few weeks ago, Petey went to Tucson with her dad so I took Spidey camping. Yes, it's true. I was brave. :) Luckily, we were invited by some super awesome friends of ours so I had a lot of help with my crazy little guy.
It was kind of weird to be camping with Petey's best friend and not having her there. I missed her a lot that weekend but I also enjoyed my one on one time with Spidey.
 Of course the minute we got there, Lacey's little guy had to get as muddy as he could. I don't have a picture of Spidey but trust me, he managed to get dirty that night as well. It had been raining on our drive up so there were puddles everywhere and Spidey had a hard time resisting the temptation to step in them.
 The only other pictures I took were of the next afternoon, right before we left. Spidey had so much fun running around with all of the kids and he REQUESTED to go sit in his carseat for a little while before we left. He ended up falling asleep. That must prove what a great time he had. :)
This wasn't our campsite from the night before since the Neff's were staying longer and wanted a better site but I had to get a picture of their awesome trailer. It was so fun being up there with everyone and spending time with my little dude. We actually plan to go camping with the Neff's again next month since Petey was jealous. :) I'll get to take both kids that time so that should be an adventure!

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