Saturday, September 7, 2013

Loud and Proud

 Not only has it been a month since I've blogged, am I really going to post two blog posts within 15 minutes of each other? Well, since my online math homework is on the fritz, I think I'll just get a blog post out of the way before bed. As I said in the last post, sleep really is overrated, right?
I'm proud of my Petey. Can you tell? She is working soooo hard on her dance moves and continues to amaze me with her achievements. She loves dance and is a completely different kid in there this year. She focuses and remembers what she learns and she's always excited to practice for me at home. She can't wait to get her pom poms and do her first parade in October. Honestly, I can't wait either. :)

Also, she is loving school. She has learned so much in her first 6 weeks and even though she doesn't necessarily love homework, she does it with a good attitude {usually} and can do most of it on her own now. I took a picture of her every day for her first 2 weeks of school...
 Also, I wanted to show off some of my hair skillz. I have been trying to get creative and practicing my french braiding because Petey loves her hair braided.
 I've done two braids back a couple of times.
 I love the dutch braid around into a side pony tail.
And sometimes, I just do a french twist when we don't have enough time but she requests a braid. She is happy either way.

School has been amazing for Petey. She had to get up in front of the class this week and recite an entire poem, which wasn't actually a poem but the school's mission statement, and even though she normally wouldn't do something like that, she was brave and said every single word and got 100%! Here is the mission statement if you're wondering what she recited:
"Legacy Traditional Schools' mission is to provide motivated students with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence in an accelerated, back to basics, safe learning environment, taught by caring, knowledgable, and highly effective educators in cooperation with supportive, involved parents."

I was beaming when she recited the whole thing perfectly. There were some pretty big words in there and she did it all by herself without skipping a beat! I'm not allowed to put the video online since other kids in her class are pictured sitting at their desks but take my word for it...she was amazing!

Hopefully, I can find a balance of school work, mommy life, and blogging but if I can't, I guess I'll see ya next month! ;)

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