Tuesday, September 10, 2013

iPad Collages

 Well, here I am again! Since I kicked my math homework's butt and the baby is sleeping and Spidey earned games on the Kindle, I think I'll do another blog post. It has been a great week. I cannot imagine what life would be like without my children and some of the greatest friends and family in the entire world. I am seriously lucky and blessed. God knew what he was doing when he sent me to my family. He also knew what He was doing when He paved the pathway for my friend, Lacey's, family to move into our ward.

The collages I am posting are my favorites that I've taken in the past week on my iPad. Enjoy!

Last Friday, we were supposed to have a movie night in our neighborhood park. The kids had been excited all day and I was excited too until I saw a storm coming in. I looked on Facebook and sure enough, the movie night had been cancelled. The kids were so bummed so I asked if they wanted to order pizza and have our own movie night at home. They reluctantly obliged but it ended up being so much fun!
They layed blankets and pillows in the wagon and made it a fun movie night. Petey actually fell asleep around 8pm and I fell asleep around 9pm. I woke up at MIDNIGHT to a happy, wide awake little boy who had been watching shows on Netflix for 3 hours while I slept next to him on the couch. Weirdo! Petey was asleep on the family room floor so I just took Spidey into my bed.

The next morning, I signed on to Facebook and the first thing I saw was that Bashas was having some free bounce houses and rock climbing things in their parking lot. I called Lacey and we took the kiddos to have a fun Saturday morning.
 My kids loved this huge blow up slip'n'slide. I didn't pack any towels but luckily, they dry pretty fast under the Arizona sun. We had invited the kids' cousin, George, to come with us too and I'm so glad we did. He plays so well with my kids and is a great helper.
 All of the kids tried out the rock climbing wall. Lacey's older girls got the highest, George got pretty high, Petey was about 1/3 up, Spidey and Lacey's youngest barely weighed enough so they weren't allowed to climb up high, just in case they couldn't slide back down. :) It was a super fun morning.

The last of the iPad collage pictures is a collage from yesterday morning. Petey had school picture day and she wasn't required to wear her uniform. We got up early and curled her hair and she looked so adorable!!!
I'm hoping her pictures turned out well. She is such a gorgeous little girl and I'm so very proud to call her mine.

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