Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 of staying home with my kids and two things have stuck out to me:

First of all, I didn't know two little human beings could wear me out so much! My 2 year old started potty training (again) today and I am so determined to find success this time around. Day 1 was today and she had 8 successes and 4 accidents...double the success! Hopefully tomorrow will be even better. My 10 month old is everywhere! He is into everything and is constantly keeping me on my toes. Along with making huge messes, he can flash the biggest smile Ive ever how could I ever stay mad at him?

The second thing I have noticed is that I am completely in my element here at home. My kids needed me and I needed them and now that we've made it all work, everyone seems happier. I am great at being domestic (besides the cooking part...any easy recipes welcome). I guess without sounding snotty, I just feel like I am good at being a mom. It isnt easy...but it's what Ive always wanted to be. These two beautiful spirits have been sent to my home for a reason and whatever we have to do so I can stay home, we'll do...because I now realize that is important. I dont always know why but I know it's the feeling I get when I'm at home all day long with them.

I thought it would be boring to stay inside the same 4 walls all day long but it's actually quite nice. I think we'll try and have many days where we utilize our home and find ways to get creative...and once it cools off, Im sure we'll be at the park most every day since Petey is already asking when we can go to the park again. Sorry, girl, I am not taking you to the park when it's 115 outside!

I love my new job more than Ive ever loved a job before.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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