Friday, August 27, 2010

Ms Petey Swy

Ok, little girl, it's ALL about you right now. One whole blog post dedicated to my little princess, Petey Swy (as in, Sweety Pie switched up). This girl is a whole bundle of NEW these days. Life is full of more hugging, more kissing, more I love you's, more I'm sorry's, and lots more smiling! If only you could hear her sweet little voice...for now you'll just have to imagine.
I wanted to remember a couple cute phrases from this firecracker in the past couple of days so here goes:
I took Petey to the dr and when daddy comes home he says, "What did the dr say?" to which Petey replies, "He said no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"
Driving in the car on our way home the other night and she says to me, "Mommy, are you looking at me?" And I said, "No, 'Petey', I'm driving." And she says, "Mommy, are you smelling me?" It was so funny and random.
Tonight she runs in and says, "Oh no, mommy, I peed in my panties! I'm sorry." and before I can reply she says, "It's ok, it's gonna be ok." Apparently, she knows how stressful potty training has been for me.

And speaking of potty training, we are on Round 2, Day 3. Round 1 was a month ago if you'll remember and it didnt go so well. We decided to wait until I was not working anymore and see if it got better.

And guess what?

It did!!!

She seems to really be getting the hang of it and even the times she has accidents, she immediately knows to clean up and try again next time. She has stayed dry all 3 days except between the hours of 1pm-5pm, when she'll have 3-4 accidents. Is that weird to anyone besides me? That used to be her naptime during those hours and I'm sort of wondering if the two have any connection. I am so proud of my big girl. She is learning SO much and doing so many wonderful things. Hopefully this potty training continues to go well and we can be fully potty trained by next week---maybe that's too soon but I think we can make it happen. Between now and then, I just really have to stay on top of the laundry. :)

And that's the way Suze sees it.

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