Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Grandma

Two more days and our lives are forever changed.

Two more days and we no longer worry about the instability for our children...because even with great parents that watch our children, I still feel a sense of instability. They never know where they're being dropped off and who is going to have them. My kids have just learned to go with the flow and I cant wait to have them here with me. In our home. The place we are most comfortable.
There isnt enough thanks in the world for my mother and all that she has done for her grandchildren. In the span of a week, she is going from seeing ALL 5 of them at least 4 days a week to having one grandchild to watch. Not that we are moving or going anywhere...we will still see her often. But I could not believe it when she cried the other day. It just truly shows how much my kids mean to her. I love my mom and though I cannot wait for this next chapter in MY life, I know she is sad for a chapter ending in her life.

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