Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneak Peeks

Since I am now a stay at home mom, I wanted to be more productive with my kids and teach them all that I can. I decided to make a "Days of the Week" chart to go up in the playroom so every day Petey can change what day it is. I laminated everything and decorated it with stickers from Grandpa's office. :) On the back of each day is velcro so Petey can change easily change the day of the week every morning. So far, so fun! Even though she doesnt get it yet, she has fun changing the day with help from mommy. Also, my awesome sister in law and I decided to do a homemade Christmas this year with our tight budgets. I thought I'd bring you a sneak peek of the presents for each of our kids. This is Petey;s sneak peek...can you guess what we're making?
And this is Spidey's sneak peek...any guesses? :)

For the last craft of the night, I cooked this one up today after seeing something similiar on Make it and Love it. It was supposed to be a giraffe...but I forgot to add the ribbon for the tail and mane. Oh now resembles a lamb and Spidey loves it. I'm thinking he'll get something fun like this for his birthday...we'll see. :)
He knew just what to do with his new animal friend...

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