Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last Saturday, my {almost} SIL Katie (who is marrying my BIL Fatty in Dec) spent the whole day with us. The boys were going to a bachelor party and they decided it'd be nice to let us girls go do something fun before they left.
So off to Kathy's Nails & Spa we went!
Before we left, my little girly kept asking if she could come with us. I told her she had to ask Daddy if that was ok (since he sometimes doesn't like her to do things that aren't age appropriate for her...which makes sense). Well, Boss said yes!
The first picture is proof that Katie was there with us. She was getting a manicure so we didn't get to sit by her and I forgot to get a picture of her end result. She picked silver for her nails and I really liked it! I let Petey picked out the color for my toenails and of course, she picked the most neon orange I have ever seen in my life. So that is what I did. :)

They painted Petey's nails a sparkly hot pink (that she picked out for herself).

The nice lady even painted hearts onto her thumb nails.

And here is the finished product of her toe nails. Sparkly hot pink with flowers on her big toes.

She was nervous at first but that quickly turned to smiles when she saw what they were doing. :)

I am so glad we got to go have some fun for ourselves and thankful to have a husband that will let me do special things like that every once in a while.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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