Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carvers

We love pumpkin carving day at this house. We usually carve our pumpkins the day of Halloween or the day before.
This year, we have had a crazy schedule the last couple of weeks so we chose Sunday afternoon to carve pumpkins with the kids.
Petey wasn't so sure about the slimey seeds at first...

...but that quickly turned into a smile and she cleaned the gunk out of most of her pumpkin!

Spidey was also iffy re garding the goo on his fingers (yes, my boy that LOVES squishing his food and making messes with it)...

...and he ended up just pushing the pumpkin away. :)

As usual, the master pumpkin carver carves all 3 of the pumpkins (I don't usually do one). He lets the kids pick out what they want and he cuts it out for them.

Here are all 3 beautiful pumpkins. Petey's is on the left, then Boss', then Spidey's. Boss just started carving with no picture to go off of and it started to look like a minion from Despicable Me so he kept going with the idea and tried to make it cartoonish. I think he did a great job, especially since it is all his original work!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. We sure had a fun time but I am glad to get on with the rest of this holiday season. November and December are two of my favorite months.

And that's how Suze sees it.


Juli said...

His pumpkins always look so good. It's kind of unfair actually. How did he get that talent when I, his sister, can't carve anything (I break into hives in the process)?

Emmy said...

Love your pumpkins! Love the tongue one. We carved ours Sunday afternoon too.