Friday, November 25, 2011


I have so so so SO much to be thankful for.
First and foremost, this cute guy right here. (Don't we look so young here?) He is THE BEST. He cooks, he helps with the kids, he goes to school full time, he works when he can, and he loves me so much.

My children. They love helping each other and they are super adorable. :) I am thankful to be their mom and get to stay home with them. I really lucked out with these two.

My sisters. I have 4 sisters and I LOVE it. They are my friends and we have so much fun together.

My in laws. My kids LOVE their Nana and Papa. And Nana and Papa love my kids. They are always doing special things for them, watching movies with them, and letting them have treats. :)

The many cousins and second cousins and others who entertain my kids. It makes my heart happy to see others interacting with my kids and treating them well. I know they will grow up feeling loved by so many people.

Yesterday for Thanksgiving, we spent the day with my parents and 4 of my siblings (we missed you, Karin!).

I am thankful for my parents' neighbors who have geese and chickens and let our kids play with them (Notice Bubs uptight shoulders. He didn't like the geese very much.).

I am thankful for Grandma's who write the exact name that my girly requests to have on her cup. "Mahayla Noelle Princess Maughan." (She really believes that is her full name.)

I am thankful for traditions and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I am thankful for husbands who let wives nap for 3 hours on Thanksgiving. Notice the hospital tag? I was in the hospital the night before because I thought my appendix had burst. Apparently, when a REALLY big cyst bursts, it can make you feel like death has arrived. But I'm ok now. Just tired.

I am thankful for big cousins helping little cousins go outside to play on the swing set.

I am thankful for Grandpa's who make life fun for their grandkids.

I am thankful for silly...

...monkey children. :)

I am thankful for a husband that cooks.

I am REALLY thankful for a husband that cooks. I didn't make ANYTHING for our feast but Boss made sweet potatoes with candied walnuts, layered jello, and helped with the turkey. That's my man!

I am thankful for a son who loves to toss around a football on Thanksgiving with his momma.

I am thankful for a tired boy at 4pm who fell asleep 5 minutes into our Thanksgiving dinner. Such a silly, sweet moment.

Thanksgiving was amazing. We missed our Maughan family but were thankful we got to spend time with our Guthrie family. We love you all!

And that's how thankful Suze is.

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Candice said...

I love that grand swing set of your parents... It brings back so many great memories! I hope that playground gets as much love from the grandkids as we gave it!