Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Many Halloween Parties

Our first Halloween party was my parents trunk or treat last Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun and I love going every year.
Spidey found a cute dog and he wished we could take him home. :)

Petey wanted to show me her face painting that she got with Aunt Jamie.

Our next party was a small, last minute friends party at the park. As you can see, Petey went as Tinkerbell to this party. I thought it'd be an easier outfit for her to play at the park with.

The kids got to decorate cute sugar cookies. My kids loved it.

So did David and Sam.

Spidey was SO sweet with Baby E. He kept rocking her carseat and singing, "Rockabye, beebee!"

Isn't she a doll?!

The next party we had was last Saturday. Our ward had a Fall Festival, which we weren't supposed to dress up for.

But of course, we still dressed the kids up in Halloween colored gear. :) Don't they look adorable? I loved the beanie on Spidey but it ended up being too warm outside.

The fall festival had bounce houses, tons of games, and more face painting! Petey is showing off her pink butterfly.

Spidey got a big black spider. He loved looking on it in the mirror.

And that brings me to Halloween day. I am filling in at my dad's pediatric office for the next 3 weeks and Monday was my first day. So I got to dress up for Halloween.

I just wore black and orange and then got a sash from my mom that says "Your Worst Nightmare". I thought it was pretty funny. :)

I took the kids around our neighborhood and they had such a great night. As you can see, Petey had a different costume on again. She chose Belle for Halloween night. :) We ended the night at my parents' house to hit up a couple more houses before calling it a night.

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