Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Fastest Trip to Utah

A couple of weeks ago, Boss' brother asked if he would accompany him to Utah to attend the farewell of a family friend before he left on a mission for our church. Boss agreed and we talked it over a couple of times that week before I realized I had a couple of things to do that same weekend and it would be hard to get them done with both kids.
So after some coaxing, Boss agreed to take Spidey with him. I was elated to say the least. I really didn't think he'd agree to take a half-potty-trained 3 year old on a 12 hour trip.
Friday afternoon came and I got a phone call at work from Boss. He asked if Petey and I wanted to join them on their trip since one of his brothers had decided not to go. I wasn't quite sure since I thought I would have to miss my girly's first real birthday party she'd been invited to but when I realized we could fit that in before leaving, I happily agreed!
So off we went at 10pm on Friday night.
Spidey was wide awake when we left so I gave him the Leapster to play with. Unfortunatly, after an hour or so of playing, it made him carsick and he threw up. Luckily, Uncle Same was awesome at catching it all in a ziploc bag.
 Around 3am, both kids were wide awake so we decided to turn on a movie. Petey was so excited to get her own headphones.
Unfortunately, we learned that watching movies while driving also makes Spidey carsick and he threw up a second time about 5 minutes into the movie.
Thankfully, Uncle Sam caught it all again and after that, he asked to switch spots with me in the car. :)
The rest of the ride of was pretty uneventful. As long as no electronics were used by my son, he kept his food in his tummy.

When we got to Utah, we headed straight for Boss' sister's house to visit with her and her family. This was the kids' highlight of the trip and they were so excited to play with cousins.
 Spidey's favorite part was attending Leezer's soccer game.
 As you can see, Spidey is a michief maker and he pulled the flag out of the ground so Uncle Nick had to go fix it.
 Leezer was practicing kicking the ball into the net...
 ...so Spidey joined along. He lookes like a natural.
 He got himself stuck in the net more than once, silly kid.
 I got a picture of Leezer right before she scored the first point of the game. Too bad there is a kid standing right in front of her in the picture.
 Her soccer buddy greeted her with a hug after her goal. :)
 At first, I thought it would be hard to keep Spidey off of the field but he actually enjoyed yelling positives thoughts to the players while they were running every which way.

After the game and some lunch, we headed to Boss' Uncle's house to visit him and his family.
 The kids got Smurfs tattoos on their bellies and it was really funny to watch them lift up their shirts to show everyone. Spidey had eaten a piece of blue licorice and it looks like he ate Papa Smurf. :)

After a fun visit with Boss' Uncle, we headed back to Boss' sister's house to spend more time with cousins.
 The kids loved the swingset.
 Leezer and Petey are besties and had so much fun playing together.
 Miss B was hilarious and loved twisting around in the swing.
 Petey gave it a try and said, "Umm, this is making me kind of scared."

That night, we got a hotel and got the first real sleep of the weekend.
 The kids were exhausted and slept peacefully on this twin bed the hotel brought in.
 They were also excited to find out that they had free breakfast in the morning...or maybe that was mostly me. :)

 We got dressed and headed off to church to listen to Boss' friend give his farewell talk.

I'm super sad that I didn't get any pictures of the after party at the Boyd's house. It was a great Sunday afternoon. I always feel so welcome when we visit the Boyd's in Utah and they always have the yummiest food! We are so grateful we got to see the, even though it was a short trip.
On the way home, Spidey woke up from a short nap and started crying about the sun being in his eyes. My sunglasses quickly came to the rescue and he was a happy boy once again. :)

We had a great trip but I'm not sure we'll attempt such a short trip with two little kiddos again. It was pretty hectic, especially since we got hoe at 2am and Boss and I both had work early that morning. I am still trying to catch up on lost sleep. But it was all worth it to be able to see some of our favorite Utahns.

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