Friday, July 12, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

 Sometimes, things just fall into place and you can't NOT stop and be grateful. {Please forgive my double negative. Yes, it was necessary.}

Our car should be getting fixed on Monday and I'm so excited to have it back. In the meantime, one of the most giving and caring people I know, my mother, let me borrow her car for the entire week. I am so grateful for her help when I need her. Not only did she let me borrow her car, she took us out for frozen yogurt and drove my hot hot HOT van back to her house where it will sit until Monday, when she'll drive it all the way to the car shop for me. She's kind of a whopping heap of amazing like that.

Also, I decided to check my student center account at Chandler-Gilbert to remind myself when my tuition is due and what'd'ya know, my financial aid was approved! That is one less worry for this momma. I'm still nervous about the workload of school and babysitting and motherhood but I'm also just ready to dive in so I can get this over with and start my dream career.
After the car situation, I was so nervous about having to buy Petey everything she'll need for school but my mom took her out shopping on Wednesday (and for an icee, and for lunch, and for ice cream after) and got her some uniforms. Check that worry off my list! Petey is the cutest little school girl I've ever seen! And seriously, I wish I could tan like she does! I know she got my skin tone but my legs do NOT look like that.
I was in such a good mood by Thursday that we went to the pool with my sister and her kiddos. Poor Spidey got a huge glob of sunscreen in his eye and it was pretty irritated. He also insists on making Lunchable sandwiches with 2 crackers and all 6 pieces of cheese. He's kinda weird...but aren't those freckles just irresistable? And those bright green/brownish red eyes. Ahh, that boy melts my heart.
The boys finished up the second Lunchable but Petey insisted on going back over to her favorite place at the pool...
...the lazy river. She would ride that thing the entire time we are at the pool if I let her.
It just makes her so happy!
I mean, seriously, that poor eye. It just kept getting worse. Luckily, sleep helped and he woke up with 2 normal eyes again.

So back to my gratitude, I was on a high. I just couldn't be grumpy when so many things seemed to be looking up.
Then Spidey got in a fight with Petey's bed post and I thought maybe my high was over. I was so worried for a while there. He had hit his head and his head and I actually worried about his thumb bring broken because he wouldn't move it for a while. Luckily, he just has a super awesome goose egg to show for his battle.
And even a huge purple forehead can't get this boy down! He thought it was so cool that his head was purple. What a way to look on the bright side, buddy. He is such a boy.

So today is still looking up. I have so much to be thankful for. There are so many people that make my life what it is and I'm lucky to be surrounded by so much good.

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