Monday, July 15, 2013

The Dollhouse

I wanted to blog today but I had no idea what to blog about.

So I decided to look in my picture albums from the photos I took a year ago today. Here is my favorite one:
My kids haven't changed as much in the past year as they have in other years. Their looks aren't as different and their smiles are similiar to how they smile now. That must mean they are growing up. They aren't babies that change every time you take a new picture of them.

I love their scrunched up noses.
I love the setting of the precious dollhouse.
That dollhouse was once played with by some of my kids' favorite role models. It had years and years of use from 3 little girls and then when my kids were born, they spent their toddler years playing with it at their Great Aunt and Uncle's house. I always wished we could keep those memories alive for them and we can. That dollhouse is now ours and my kids love it so much. Petey loves to set the people up. Spidey loves to climb on it and jump off. It's special because I can remember my 18 month old Petey playing with it with her then 10 year old cousin. I can remember Spidey throwing everything out of the dollhouse. I can remember the thousands of times Petey would ask me to tuck one of the mommies into the bed.
I love toys that are filled with memories.
I love family.
I especially love scrunched up noses on happy little children.

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