Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hello Kitty and The Avengers {Room Redo}

My kids have been with their Nana and Papa since Wednesday night. I have gotten so many things done these past 3 days and as glad as I am to have my kids back, I wasn't worried about them at all and I'm so grateful for the time I got to have to myself.

So here's the first project I finished:

For Christmas this past year, Santa brought my kids new bedding. I used to not be into character bedrooms but my kids both wanted specific bed sets and it was fun to see them so happy on Christmas.

Fast forward 7 months later and their rooms hadn't really been updated to match the bedspreads.
I made one set of letters and my friend had made the other set back when my kids were really little. The kids used to share a room and their colors were brown/blue and brown/pink. I loved the letters but unfortunately, they didn't match their rooms anymore!
 Also, my little stinker son had ripped the paper off of a couple of his sister's letters.

So while my kids were gone this week, I decided one of my projects was going to be redecorating their rooms. The only new things I bought were frames for the posters they already had, fabric for Spidey's decorations, paper for their letters, and some wall decals for Petey's room that happened to be on sale.
 Welcom to PINK and HELLO KITTY. :) That is all Petey has wanted forever. She keeps asking for pink walls but I think she has enough pink for now. Petey was flipping out when she got home. She was so excited to see her new room and her reaction was awesome. She definitely loves it!
 {I did take the hammer out before she got home, I promise}
 Her letters are now light/dark pink and baby blue, which are the colors of her Hello Kitty bedspread.
 Spidey walked into his room and looked super disappointed because he was just staring at his bed and he didn't think I'd changed anything. When I told him to look at the other wall, he started jumping around and screaming with excitement. He is a huge Avengers fan and he loves his poster and the fabric wall decorations.
 Unfortunately for my boy, the amount of damage he's done to his room was enough for us to not make it too nice. He has colored in red permanent marker on the walls and poop painted more times than I can count so even though his room needs to be repainted to match, I refuse to do it until I think he's old enough to treat his room a little better. He still loves it a ton.
I had a really hard time figuring out how to redo his letters to have them match the Avengers colors so I ended up doing mostly solid colors. He was so happy to see his name on the wall and as you can see, it's way too high for him to touch them and rip the paper. :) Smart momma.

It was a great 3 days and I am so thankful my in laws were willing to put up with our kids so that I could have a break. I feel so rejuvenated as a mother and am so happy my kids are back with me now.

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