Monday, July 1, 2013

Flexibility and a Hairstyle

First of all, I had to show off this new hairstyle I did with Petey's hair today. It's hard to get her short hair all up and I found a way to do it today. I think it's absolutely adorable!

Second, if you are my Facebook friend, I apologize. I'm sure you're sick of the pictures I've been posting today. I am just so proud of Petey. You see, she was not born flexible like her mama. She has had to work really hard to get her flexibility for dance. Most days, she doesn't want to stretch because it hurts {I tried to explain that is the only way to get more flexible.} but ever since her dance teacher bribed them with an ice cream party, she is all about the stretching!
 Here is her needle.
 She was watching the dance recital dvd and wanted to bring her leg up behind her like the big girls do. Maybe someday, baby girl.
 Surprisingly, her right leg is a lot less flexible than her left.
 This is called "buns up". They sit in their middle splits to stretch them down all the way. She's pretty darn close to the ground.
 Her right splits are tons farther than they've ever been.
 Her left splits are almost perfect! She is so close and she knows it!
This is my favorite picture. That left leg is super flexible now! She has worked so hard and her face shows just how proud of herself she is.

She is loving her team classes. Her favorite is the one class she was afraid of on the first day. She has a boy teacher for her acro/stretch/tumbling class and she cried when I made her go in the room but she came out all smiles and loves going to that class now. She loves Miss Mimi and Miss Taylor and talks about them at home often. I didn't think anyone could replace Miss JaNae but she seems to already love these new teachers just as much! I'm so excited for her performances to start but I have to wait until October. Right now, they are working hard on getting these little girls flexible and starting to teach them their routine.

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