Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Tonight, I am going to attempt to write the same blog post as yesterday but with different wording.

Just kidding.

But really...

Today was another craptastic day. I found out the ac compressor needs to be replaced in my van so a cheap fix is not even an option if I want to survive the Arizona summer in my car. I was so stressed out and running around all day that it wasn't until 7pm when I started feeling sick and weak that I realized I had not eaten a single thing all day. That's especially weird since I'm usually a stress-eater.

But today was also really great because a friend of mine who happens to be a great photographer took pictures of Petey modeling some of my bows and necklaces I'm going to be selling. Oh yeah, did I not mention I'm starting up my bow business again and adding necklaces? Cause that's what mothers who are also full time babysitters who plan to go to school full time starting in August do. They just jam more stuff into their lives. Or is that just me?
I feel like I hardly saw this boy today, even though he was literally by my side all day. I'm so thankful that he forgives me and still loves me when I fall short at being a good mother to him. He must know I'm going to make up for it and do better tomorrow.
I'm getting more nervous and excited for all of the life changes happening in August. Petey and I are both starting school. Honestly, I am equally nervous as I am excited for this next chapter in her life. She is going to be in 5th grade when I graduate from college and that scares the heck outta me. I keep telling myself it'll be worth it, even though it feels so far out of my reach. I know I can get there and succeed if I believe in myself. It wouldn't hurt if you wanted to believe in me too. The more, the merrier.

I ate a corn dog a little while ago {the first thing I ate today} and now I don't feel very good. Maybe someday I'll start making healthier decisions but for tonight, I'm thinking I'll just go lay down and try not to think about the fact that I want to throw up.

I think that is just about enough details of my life tonight.

PS: The entire time I was writing this blog post, I thought it was Monday. There is seriously something wrong with me today. I need a do-over.

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