Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Girl

A trip through the life of our Petey. May 16th, 2008, Petey entered this world 4 weeks early. 5 pounds even, she was a tiny little thing.

She had chicken legs, reddish hair, and her Momma's crooked ears. (The headband covered those)

By the time she was 3 months old, her eyes had gone from dark blue to a clear, beautiful blue. They were stunning and we got compliments on them often.

At 7 months old, Petey celebrated her first Christmas with our family. She had the cutest, gummy smile.

By 9 months old, things were getting a lot happier in our home. Petey grew out of her colic (Yup, it took 9 months) and became a smiley, silly girl.

Petey celebrated her first birthday 2 years ago. She dug into her cake, mouth first.

At 16 months old, Petey became a big sister. It took her a while to get used to this loud baby but she got over her fear and loved him after a couple of weeks. :)

At 20 months old, Petey had her second eye surgery to correct a problem with her tear ducts. It was a harder recovery than the first one but she was strong and was fine in a couple of days.

Petey celebrated her 2nd birthday last year. She sure was cute in her birthday outfit and her hair was long enough for full pig tails.

We took family pictures in August of 2010 with my side of the family. The photographer captured a cute picture of Petey with her best friend/cousin, George,

For Halloween 2010, Petey was the cutest little punk rock princess.

Christmas 2010 was so fun. Petey was so excited for Santa to come. That was the first Christmas where she really understood most of it.

I took this picture of my girly March of 2011. She has so much sass {like her mother}.

This is Petey this morning on her birthday. I cant believe how big she is now. Three years, speaking sentences, recognizes most of her ABC's, sings SO many songs, is so acrobatic and full of rhythm. She loves all things princess, baby doll, barbie, and pretending to do everything that I do {cooking, cleaning, taking care of my babies, etc}. She loves her bunny, Astrid, so much and Astrid has actually opened up her world to more animals. She isnt as afraid of dogs and will usually stay on the ground playing, as long as they don't jump on her, etc.

Petey was so excited to get another princess Barbie from Mom and Dad today. That was the last of her 3 presents from us and we honestly forgot to give it to her until this afternoon. :)

Still to come: Interview with the Birthday Girl. I will hopefully get that posted tonight.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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