Monday, May 23, 2011

What You Missed

For a week, I have posted 4 times. Three of those were birthday posts and one was a simple, quick craft to tide you over until I had more blogging time.
Well, guess what? I have more time now!
So here is what you've missed this week...Spidey being upset because he had to sit in a toddler carseat for a quick car ride. He was so angry that I put him in the backseat, backwards, and laying down. Triple Whammy! :)

I captured a picture of K Bear and Spidey where K Bear looks like a GIANT...but seriously, I promise, he isnt. :)

Grandma cried with two baby boys that were whiny ALL day LONG!

Petey sassied it up for the camera before we went out for frozen yogurt. During our girl's weekend {wherein the boys in my family ALL went camping {{besides the two toddlers}}}, my mom sent us girls to go get frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon. The only picture I took was of my chocolate faced daughter but myself and 3 of my sisters were also present.

The Spidester learned where Grandma's rolling can shelf was...

...and proceeded to climb through it {more than once}.

Our THREE year old played hide and go seek with Grandpa and I was almost in tears from laughing {Yup, she unsnapped her onesie and pulled it out}.

Spidey learned to read...or so he thinks.

And K Bear really started loving me. He reaches for me, laughs at me, and talks to me now! Nine months away and one month here and he is starting to like me again! Too bad they leave again in 3 days for the summer. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that's what you've missed at Suze's Corner this week. I will try to be more faithful to you this week but my priorities have been set back in place---and that means as much family time as possible.


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Emmy said...

Love the yogurt picture! She has beautiful eyes. What a fun week. Great pictures