Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Rules

Lately, I have been wanting more subway art around the house. It doesnt get much easier than typing this all up and just printing it off at a local store. So when I'm not in too crafty a mood, I make subway art. :) And it turns out adorable and incredibly crafty.

If I am going to hang our family rules up in our main room, Ill have to change the colors. But I made this to match the kids' room.

Last week, we sat down with Petey and wrote down rules and consequences. She even got to pick most of the consequences. This has made it easier when she makes a bad choice. I will usually ask her what consequence was picked and she needs to follow that consequence. It isnt always that easy but she seems to understand it more each day.

If anyone needs help making cute subway art, email me. It's quite fun and easy peasy. :)

And that's how Suze crafts.

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Shalyn said...

That is SO cute, I love it!